Vote Guentzel for MLB Fan Cave 2012

February 9, 2012

Vote Guentzel for MLB Fan Cave 2012.

TTBB HEADQUARTERS — That’s Twins Baseball has learned that it’s an election year.  While we have yet to see the presidential candidates hit the campaign trail, there is a different campaign currently underway that is much more important…the race for MLB “Fan Cave” 2012.

There are 50 candidates in the race and only one candidate will get the coveted TTBB endorsement.  It is my honor to announce that  TTBB will endorse Lindsay Guentzel for MLB Fan Cave 2012.  It’s really a no-brainer.  Lindsay is the most qualified candidate in the field and she’ll bring change we can believe in to the Fan Cave.  Hell, she broke the Joe Mauer engagement news, what can’t she do?  Oh and please don’t hold that against her, ladies….and guys…not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Let’s make it happen people.  We have a voice with our vote.  Keep the communists out of the Fan Cave and vote Guentzel 2012!

You can cast your vote here.



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