Twins Twitter account hijacked by Packer fan

May 22, 2013

MEAT CATHEDRAL — Today the Braves beat the Twins and swept the series adding another ugly loss the the Twins losing streak.  The Twins also lost to the Braves on Twitter today.  After the Braves had tweeted about sweeping up Hrbek’s jersey, the Twins response was right out of the Packers and Yankees fan playbook….bringing up old shit.




It’s second nature for many NOT ALL of the aforementioned fan bases to bring up championships won by teams before they were even born.  I never expected this from the Twins.

The Twins twitter account must have been hijacked by a Packer fan. That or something much, much, worse. There is a Packer fan mole in the Twins organization and they were just following their instincts.

I’m joking of course…or am I? The latter explanation could be true. Either way, myself along with many others had the same reaction: Really Twins?  The season is turning into the third straight disaster and I guess now it’s just hang on to the memories of a better time.  It will get better someday. That’s Twin’s Baseball.



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