Twins starting staff earn new nickname

June 4, 2013

MY MOM’S BASEMENT — As most Twins fans know, the pitching staff isn’t known for their strikeout rates.  The philosophy of pitching-to-contact was brought on in full force this offseason and the strikeout numbers could not be worse.  No really.  The following stats are from @aaronGleeman’s twitter feed. If you’re not already following him, then you probably don’t like baseball and learning about what his mom messaged him on gchat.

Here are some of the ugly pitching stats the Twins have going for them right now (and somehow only 4.5 back in the AL Central).

Again from Gleeman’s twitter feed….

“Twins pitchers have 312 strikeouts. No other team has fewer than 370 strikeouts and Tigers lead MLB with 548 strikeouts.” *ouch*

“Twins starting rotation has combined for 138 strikeouts in 54 starts. Yu Darvish has 111 strikeouts in 12 starts.” *ouchy ouchy*

With those tweets in mind, I present you the new TTBB nickname for the starting rotation “The No K Corral”

Needs more staches

Needs more staches


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