Twins spam their fans.

August 8, 2013

MOM’S BASEMENT — Well the Twins season took another sad twist only this time it was in your email inbox. Around 6pm last night, myself and many others (on Twitter) received an email asking you to enroll in the HSP Maintenance Plan.  I have no idea why the Twins would send this out.  Maybe they’re selling their email list to companies, it wouldn’t be the first time it happened.  It was sad to get spammed from the Twins however.  It made me wonder how they got my email address in the first place.  I’ve never bought things on their website but I have used StubHub to buy tickets.  That’s the only way I could see them getting my email address.  Others on Twitter said they had never used StubHub but did use the Twins website to buy things.  Getting your email through either route seems plausible and there are obviously other ways they could as well.

Anyway, very disappointing to get junk mail from a baseball team.  Especially one that’s been spamming it’s fans with horseshit baseball the last 2.5 seasons.


Here’s the ad I received in the email.

Thanks for the Denard Spam

Thanks for the Denard Spam


While we’re talking about worthless emails you didn’t ask for.  It’s not just the Twins, it’s MLB doing it as well.  I never signed up for anything but my inbox has 3 new ones from one or the other every morning.

What will the next email hold? An ad for catheters?

*UPDATE* It should be noted we haven’t heard anything from the Twins or @TwinsPrez if this was a mistake or not. Given the odd nature of the email, I’m curious to see if it was on purpose as speculated above. Will update when hear anything.



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