Twins Planning GB Leighton Demolition Night?

May 9, 2010

Twins Territory called, it wants it's identity back.

TARGET FIELD — Sometimes good ideas end with bad results, this likely is the case with FSN and the GB Leighton Twins song “Twins Territory”.

You can learn a lot about what Twins fans are thinking on Twitter during FSN broadcasts.  The Twitterverse can be a great place to find good fan insight, overreactions, preposterous statements, and a feel for the overall mood of  Twins fans you follow.  The one common theme that has come up during every FSN broadcast this season (other than Roy Smalley’s hair)  is “Dude, how bad is that GB Leighton Twins Territory song?”

Benjamin Franklin tweeted:

“The Leighton Twins Territory song is proof that god hates us and wants us to be unhappy.”

A terrorist tweeted:

“I hope they don’t play this in Guantanamo, oh and death to infidels.”

It appears the fans unhappiness with the song has not gone unnoticed by Twins brass and action may be taken.

Our secret sloth in the clubhouse told TTBB that the Twins are working on a promotional night to win back the television viewers trust, a promotional night very similar to one that division rival Chicago held many years ago.  In 1979 popular Chicago DJ Steve Dahl organized a Disco Demolition Night at old Comiskey Park where fans brought in their disco records to be blown up in center field.  The Twins are planning on bringing in Dahl (no relation to Dave Dahl) to create a GB Leighton Demolition Night.  Fans are encouraged to bring their GB Leighton “Twins Territory” CD’s to the park where they will be stored in a large container and destroyed after the Twins bounce into their first inning ending, bases loaded double play of the game, thus satisfying the destructive feelings of each and every fan in the crowd.  To minimize controversy our secret sloth told us that only explosives made in Minnesota would be used in the demolition therefore avoiding any complaints similar to the importation of Colorado grown grass.

No date has been set yet but rumors are also swirling that the Kirby Puckett Statue may accidentally make its way into the demolition bin and force someone that is not legally blind to create a new one.


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2 Responses to Twins Planning GB Leighton Demolition Night?

  1. GB Leighton #1 fan on July 20, 2013 at 10:49 am

    Don’t be talkin’ like that about my man. GB does not suck.

  2. GB Leighton #1 fan on August 9, 2013 at 1:20 pm

    Don’t be talkin’ bout’ my man like that! Come and get your love!

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