Twins Beat Yankees Thanks To “That’s Twins Baseball”

April 6, 2011

Tigers fan @spacemnkymafia refers to TTBB with the Twins Horseshoe

I attempt to use tonight’s Twins victory over the Yankees to playfully explain what the phrase for which this site is named.

What the heck is “That’s Twins Baseball”?

A win, no matter how you get it, still counts as a win.  Tonight the Twins grabbed a win against the Yankees thanks to textbook “That’s Twins Baseball” (TTBB).  This term, which the site is named after, is something I found myself saying with the early to mid 00′s Twins teams.  Those teams would have Brian Buscher or Terry Tiffee off the bench and Jason Tyner at DH.  You didn’t win a lot of games with home runs, you won by getting singles and doubles while also getting help from hitting choppers off the turf, wild pitches, walks, errors and bloop singles.  That doesn’t mean the runs were free.  You still had to put the ball in play or drive in those walks etc.  While the Twins have bulked up their lineup a bit recently (like replacing a Buscher with Jim Thome), that doesn’t mean TTBB doesn’t help sometimes. The Twins used a little TTBB magic tonight on their way to a come-from-behind victory in the Bronx.

The Evidence

Tonight’s game started off eerily similar to the game the night before.  For the second straight game, the starting pitcher got in an early 4-0 hole in the first couple innings and then settled down and pitched deep into the game.  For the second straight game the Twins had to face setup man Soriano in the 8th inning.  That’s when the magic happened.  After being shutdown by CC Sabathia, the Twins were fortunate that Soriano relieved CC in the 8th.  Soriano ended up loading the bases on two walks and a single and walking in a run by walking Joe Mauer.  “That’s Twins Baseball”.  Girardi then relieved Soriano with David Robertson to face Delmon Young with the bases loaded.  Delmon cleared the bases with a bloop double down the RF line.  “That’s Twins Baseball”.  Matt Capps would pitch a scoreless 8th and 9th inning that would send the game into extra innings.

The top of the 10th found “Edward Boones Farm Hands” Logan giving up hits to Span and Nishioka.  The Yankees brought the infield in with Span on third and Nishioka on first.  Joe Mauer hit a weak dribbling grounder that found it’s way through a gap in the drawn in infield, scoring Span and giving the Twins the lead. “That’s Twins Baseball”.

Joe Nathan came into save the bottom of the 10th.  His first appearance this season didn’t go so well and now here he is, coming into Yankee Stadium where he blew a save against the Yankees in the 2009 playoffs.  Nathan got two ground outs and then struck out Derek Jeter to secure the win.  That’s Joe Nathan.  I can only imagine the demons he exercised given the situation.

Well, as you can see, the Twins won tonight thanks to a little something I like to call “That’s Twins Baseball”.  The bats were quiet most of the game until Sabathia was taken out, then Soriano starts giving the Twins something they couldn’t produce much of the game, base runners.  It doesn’t mean they were given the victory, as they had to take it.  Just because they got 3 walks in the 8th doesn’t mean they automatically score.  They had to drive them in and Delmon did.  There is nothing wrong with winning a game this way, it happens to every team in baseball during the season.  What separates the good teams from the bad is whether or not you capitalize on the other teams mistakes.  The Twins did that tonight.

What was TTBB Tonight?

The Twins only mustered 2 hits in 7IP against CC Sabathia making the 4-0 score feel more like 100-0.  Enter reliever Rafael Soriano.

–The walks from Soriano which led to a bases loaded walk of Joe Mauer (1 run).

–The bases clearing bloop double down the RF line (3 runs).

–The drawn-in infield that probably allowed Mauer’s weakly hit grounder to find a hole (1 run).

–On all of the scoring plays, a ball was never hit with authority (bloop double, Mauer grounder) although some singles in between were well hit by Span and Nishioka.

This win hopefully wakes up the Twins from their offensive slumber.  Let’s see if they go out and set the tone early against he Yankees these next two games.  Let’s see if they can hit the ball in the gaps and over the fences.  Finally, let’s see if they can win a few games without using a little something I call “That’s Twins Baseball”.


There’s nothing wrong with taking what you’re given, the problem is you can’t expect to be given something every game.

TTBB Aliases

– Pirhanas

– Tigers fan @spacemnkymafia has been known to refer to the Twins luck as a “horseshoe”.  It essentially is referring to TTBB.

– Francisco Liriano calls it the majority of hits he gave up last season.


When the Twins are playing your team, do you have any words for TBBB that you curse at the TV or tweet like #horseshoe? Leave it in the comment section.


Thanks to @spacemnkymafia for the Twins Horseshoe image.  He’s a Tigers fan who’s definitely worth a follow on twitter at @spacemnkymafia .  Also check out his blog “Fire Gerald Laird

You can also follow me on twitter @bennyc50


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2 Responses to Twins Beat Yankees Thanks To “That’s Twins Baseball”

  1. Mike on April 6, 2011 at 9:03 am

    TTBB now only operates to relieve humiliations, but does not overcome the curse incurred from letting Ortiz go.

  2. Paul Dier on April 6, 2011 at 2:03 pm

    I heard Gardy use his favorite adjective 3x’s during his presser last night (BATTLE). I hope this victory gives them the springboard over the doldrums they suffered the 1st 4 games. Any Victory over the Yankees is a sweet one

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