Twins “Call-Up” Incmikoski to Play Shortstop

May 26, 2010

I'm too sexy for this bat.

If you watch Twin’s games on FSN you probably notice a lot of ex-players who are broadcasters, that is all about to change. In a desperation move yesterday, the Twins announced that they will be sending Alexi Casilla over to FSN and Robby Incmikoski to now cover shortstop. It’s not often that broadcasters go from the booth to the field as it’s usually the other way around, but with the Twin’s current situation it doesn’t seem that odd. In fact, Gardenhire is being praised for finding this “loophole” to keep Casilla involved in the game. “We were out of minor league options with Casilla so by sending him over to FSN we get to keep him in the organization. Heck, next I might even call-up Coom-dawg and Smalley to replace Harris and Punto, we have a great FSN system.” said Gardenhire. Twin’s fans are sure to miss Robby drunk in the stands trying to get them to eat his food, but also should be excited to see him drunk on the field trying to play baseball. Incmikoski said he’s not worried about it and is a little more excited then he usually is when he’s about to go on. “I’ll probably still have a few beers to take the edge off, but not too many so I can still get the ball over to Morny.” he said with a smirk. The Twin’s Majestic Clubhouse Store at Target Field is already stocking up on Incmikoski #9 Jersey’s and can koozies that are sure to sell fast. The Twins are having an exciting season thus far and having Robby at shortstop and Alexi in the booth should make for even more excitement. And if for some reason this managerial decision doesn’t work out Gardy said he already has a backup plan. “I made a call to FS Wisconsin today and I’m pretty sure we could get Telly Hughes back.” So rest assured Twin’s fans, Gardy has all his bases covered.


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  1. Bseids on September 21, 2010 at 8:30 pm

    this is hilarious!!

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