TTBB’s Scorpion Jacket Hall of Excellence

This prestigious page is reserved for outstanding performances by Twins players during the season.  If their performance is deemed appropriate, they will be given the honor of donning a white jacket with a yellow scorpion on back.  You can make the wall multiple times in a season.

Thursday April 12th, the big three all went deep against the Angels.



After a Radke-like 1st inning, he settled in. Coming into the game he had 2 Ks all season, 6 this game.


3 up. 3 down. Lookin like clowns. #pmki


"Scott, how does it feel to be wearing such a bitchin jacket?" -- Robby


Dozier home run

AP Photo...TTBB Photo ruin


What a great....jacket. With it, anything or anyone is possible.


America and the Scorpion Jacket. #pmki


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