TTBB’s 2013 Twins Predictions

March 31, 2013

SECRET BUNKER — Well another season of baseball is upon us so I better get my predictions in.  The season will revolve around pitching, pitching, and pitching.  Unfortunately the Twins front office assembled a staff that resembles the Rohan Army at Helms Deep before the Elves show up….children and old men armed with shitty swords.  While this Twins season has no Elves showing up to help the rotation, there is a scene in the Two Towers that echoes my feelings towards the 2013 Twins season.

Boy: “The men are saying we will not live out the night. They say it is hopeless. “

Aragorn: “There is always hope.”

There may be a few hidden Elves in the rotation this season but more likely to show up after this year.  I don’t think the rotation will live out the night but I guess there is always hope.



Hope. The quintessential human illusion.

Other predictions:

Mauer stays in the batting title contention all season and probably wins it.

Morneau returns to nearly MVP form and Twins are faced with angry fans at the trade deadline when he’s traded for prospects (if deal isn’t done).

There will be one or two newly acquired starting pitchers that will surprised people.


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One Response to TTBB’s 2013 Twins Predictions

  1. Dave MN on April 1, 2013 at 10:13 am

    Well, Morneau doesn’t want to negotiate during the season, so there that is. I’m guessing his days as a Twin are numbered. I just hope he goes off for the first half of the year, so the Twins can get a haul for him.

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