TTBB’s 2012 Twins Predictions

April 6, 2012

DISCLOSED LOCATION — It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything here at TTBB.  I’ve been busy with things like life and some other things.  I figured it was about time to make a prediction post for this coming 2012 season.  I made one in 2010 and it was horrible.  I forgot to make one last year for some reason, causing the Twins to tailspin to a 99 loss season.  So this year I figured I better bring it back and help bring back a winning season.

So here goes, NostraCollinous’ 2012 Minnesota Twins Predictions.

Bottom Line: Twins win 87 games and win AL Central by 2 games ahead of Detroit. (KC 3rd, CLE 4th, CHW 5th).

Think I’m crazy?  So do I but I’m following my gut here and it’s done me well before…instinctively speaking, not physically (I’m bringing husky back).  Now let me make this clear, I’m not being a homer here, I’m being serious. I’ve watched the Twins and this division too much over the past 20 years to know that like Kevin Garnett said, anything is possible.

Now let me explain my reasoning.

1. The #Horseshoe is back.

The #Horseshoe is back, baby.

The horseshoe is something AL Central foes are very familiar with…if you throw out last season.  I’ll give the credit to @spacemnkymafia for the origin of the horseshoe but it’s what I like to call “That’s Twins Baseball”.  Remember back in early in the 2010 season, the Twins would load the bases and fail to drive any of the runs in?  The only runs that would score were due to errors or wild pitches or walks.  That’s Twins Baseball.  The Twins have always had this horseshoe in their back pocket.  Think of Inge getting HBP in Game 163 but the umpire not calling it.  That’s Twins Baseball or that’s the #horseshoe.  Still not quite getting it?  You could think of it as the Twins “having the bounces go their way” as they say.  For reasons unknown, last season the Twins lost their mojo, they lost their TTBB baby, yeah!  I mean they really, really lost it.  Target Field was renamed Murphy’s Law Stadium with everything going wrong.  I blame it on the Curse of Favre which will now end with the winter  Minnesota sports teams and balance will be restored to Minnesota sports (I made up the whole curse bit, I can end it…right?).  For more information on TTBB and the #horseshoe, check out this post from last season where I describe it better.  It’s not meant to be a knock on the hometown nine, it’s meant to be a playful knock on some of the things that go the Twins way.

2. Return of the Swing

"One swing, to rule them all"

Not much to explain here.  The #ReturnoftheSwing is coming to a 2012 season near you.  Joe Mauer has been quoted saying this is the best he’s felt in spring in a long time (sorry no source).  It’s not hard to imagine.  This time last year he was coming off late offseason surgery that hampered his ability fully participate in spring training.  Not the case this spring.  Watch out for a healthy Joe Mauer.  With fresh legs beneath him, we will all behold “The Return of the Swing”. I’ve got some big expectations for Joe which are listed below as part of the “Quick Predicts” below.

3. The Fellowship of the Swing.

The boys are back in town. (When healthy like now)

The Twins have their MVP’s back healthy for the first time in a long time.  Combined with some other bats with pop in the lineup, this Fellowship of the Swing will play a crucial role trying to play “keep up” with opposing mashers teeing off of the back end of the rotation (at least on paper you would think this).  The only issue is whether they can remain healthy for the majority of the season.  If not, then the Fellowship will be broken and the AL Central will fall into shadow.

4. Gardy.

You will play when injured....or die.

It seems like over this past winter, we heard more and more stories about how the players dictated whether they would play or not when they had an injury.  That’s not going to be the case this season as Gardy says “I’m not going to let Pillow Pants tell me if my guy is able to play, screw Pillow Pants.  Now get out there and battle your tail off.”  You know the 99 loss season has been on Gardy’s mind all offseason and changes are needed to return to glory.  It appears this is already happening with the surprising demotion of Drew Butera to AAA and how Ben Revere no longer is a lock for an everyday starter.  Also remember how he wanted to add “speed” to the team last season?  That didn’t work out so well and now it looks like the lineup will feature more driving of the ball and less of Gardyballing of the ball.

Quick Predicts

- Joe Mauer hits 6 or more home runs……at Target Field (he has 1 HR so far…same with Tolbert).

- Liriano is somewhere between his ’10 and ’11 season.

- Luke Hughes or becomes everyday second baseman.

- Dozier is the starting shortstop by July when Carroll’s age shows.

- Morneau hits 23 HR.

- The Twins starting staff is a revolving door for the 4 and 5s.

- JJ Hardy hits a home run against the Twins.

- Justin Verlander has a season ending injury after putting on too many miles the past few seasons.

- Parmelee continues to be “The Anomaly” and stays with club for most of season. Goes down when struggles but comes back up.

- Twins wish they would have signed a veteran reliever.

- Capps and Perkins swap roles.

- Gardy says “Battled their tales off.”

- The Twins continue to pitch-to-contact.

Well those are just my dumb predictions. I think it will be a season that is dependent on the Twins being able to play catchup offensively as the weakness on the team is the pitching.

Want a stat for this post?  It’s almost statistically impossible for the Twins luck to be as bad as it was last year.  No matter what, they’re not gonna be coached by Murphy’s Law this year.

Viva La Horseshoe.  That’s Twins Baseball!


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