TTBB To Release New Book: ‘Gardyball’

August 25, 2010

This book will battle your tail off.

Here is a preview of some of the chapters inside.

-Forward by Nicky Punto

Chapter 1:  Battle Your Tail Off.

Chapter 2: We’ll Be Back Tomorrow I can Promise You That.

Chapter 3: How To End Every Name With A ‘Y’.

Chapter 4: Spanzy,Blacky,Morney,Joesy,Matty,Rauchy,Cuddyeeey,Hudsony,Tolberty,Casilla-ie.

Chapter 5: Play Second Bat Second.

Chapster 6: Get Away Day isn’t Give Away Day.

Chapter 7:  Keep the Ball Down Blacky.

Chapter 8: Why is Jesse Jackson Mad When I Call Blackburn Blacky?

Chapter 8: How To Get In My Doghouse co-written with Pat Neshek.

Chapter 9: How To Play Good Ball After The All Star Break.

Chapter 10: Scotty Needs A Stop Sign.

Chapter 11: Dumb Question, Have You Ever Managed A Major League Team Before?

Chapter 12: Didn’t Think So, next question.

Chapter 13: Nick Punto For HOF.

Chapter 14:  Tolbert IS The Teams Best Hitter.

Chapter 15: I Hate Glen Perkins.

Chapter 16: The Stupid Twins Caravan.

Chapter 17: Why Is Our Mascot A Bear?

Chapter 18: My Platonic Love With Ozzie.

Chapter 19: How to Tell Ozzie No.

Chapter 20: How To Annually Win Your Division And Never Get Manager of the Year.

Chapter 21: What is on Baker’s Chin?

Chapter 22: BABIP is a Naughty Word.

Chapter 23: Tweet This Pat Neshek.

Chapter 24: F*** AROD.

Chapter 25: How To Beat The Yankees In The Playo…….

As you can see the book isn’t finished yet.  Check back in the fall to see how Chapter 25 ends.


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2 Responses to TTBB To Release New Book: ‘Gardyball’

  1. Ben on August 25, 2010 at 2:49 am

    Cruel, but funny. Still a Gardy fan even though I’m a stathead.

  2. Friday Links and Thinks « on August 27, 2010 at 12:49 pm

    [...] That’s Twins Baseball is about to release a new book, Gardyball. [...]

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