TTBB Films: The Pursuit of Scrappiness

June 6, 2011

KANSAS CITY — The Twins are fresh off a 4 game sweep of the Royals, but this was no ordinary sweep.  The Twins, who have been plagued with injuries the entire season, where hit once again by the injury bug.  This forced manager Ron Gardenhire to fill out a lineup card that consisted mostly of AAA Rochester players.  The odds of sweeping a four game series with a AAA lineup are about the same as the Twins chances of making the playoffs this season.  However, in typical Twins fashion, they battled back with a scrappiness that surely had to make Ron Gardenhire smile.  The wins weren’t the prettiest of wins, often filled with infield RBI singles, but hell, a win is a win.  Given the magnitude of this feat, this weekend series will be the inspiration of a new film from TTBB Studios, The Pursuit of Scrappiness.  Release date and rating TBD…..

Based on a true story. (h/t @panndder for inspiration)



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