TTBB Films: Lord of the Twins

December 19, 2011

MY PARENTS BASEMENT IN GONDOR — I created some “Plouffcasos” last week showing Trevor Plouffe riding Shadowfax as Aragorn (because he mentioned it on twitter, not because I’m Dahmerlike).  It got me thinking about what other Twins players would look like if they starred in the Lord of the Rings?

I tried to pair up Twins players with LOTR characters based on physical characteristics or the roles they played in the film.  I was hoping to make quite a few of these but unfortunately my free trial of Photoshop ran out so I won’t be making anymore.  Anyways, here are some of the dumbest (coolest?) things I’ve made for TTBB.  I wish I could say I was dropping acid while making these, they’re just that dumb.




Jamey Carrolrond


Rick Legolas of the Bullpen Realm.


Terry Ryandolf the White. He was Gray but was sent back to help save the Twins.


Samwise Cappsy (h/t @jtsanderson)


Legodrewboolas of the Catcher Realm




Maueragorn: The Return of the Swing.


Sorry, I had to.


From last week but figured it belonged here.


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