Translating the Gardy Lexicon to Japanese

January 3, 2011

Mr. Stache

The Twins left their comfort zone last month when they went out and signed Japanese infielder Tsuyoshi Nishioka.  With great signings come great responsibilities and Gardy now has to learn to speak some Japanese.  I’m sure he’s already wore out his VHS of Tom Sellack’s “Mr. Baseball” so I thought I would help him out.  I’ve listed below a few words in the Gardy Lexicon and their translation from English to Japanese.  I hope he never has to learn how to say “ride the bench”.

(All translations via Google)

1. “Battle” – 戦い (Tatakai)

2. “Bunt” -  バント (Banto)

3. “Hustle” -  ハッスル (Hassuru)

4. “Scrappy” – 断片的な (Danpen-tekina)

5. “Little Things” – ささいなこと (Sasaina koto)

6. “Damn Yankees” -  くそヤンキース (Kuso yankīsu)

7. “Ejected” – 取り出された (Toridasa reta)

8. “Strike Out” – 三振 (Sanshin)

9.  “Baseball” – 野球 (Yakyū)

10. “Singles Hitter” – シングルヒッター (Shinguruhittā)

11.  “Utility” – ユーティリティ (Yūtiriti)

12.  “Infield Single” – 内野安打 (Naiya anda)

13. “Swept” – 掃引 (Sōin)

14.  “Twins Way” – ツインズウェイ (Tsuinzuu~ei)

15.  “Error” – エラー (Erā)

16.  “Circle Me” – サークルミー (Sākurumī)

17.  “Hit and Run” – ヒットして実行する (Hitto shite jikkō suru)

18.  “Bullpen” – ブルペン (Burupen)

19.  “Blooper” -  ポテンヒット (Potenhitto)

20.  “World Series” – ワールドシリーズ (Wārudoshirīzu)

21.  “Speed” – 速度 (Sokudo) alt. (NotHardy)

22. “Mustache” – 口ひげ (Kuchihige)

Well those are just a few of the words I’m sure Gardy will be learning.  I forgot to add one more…..

“You are no Nicky Punto” – あなたはニックプントている (Anata wa nikkupuntote iru)


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  1. shannon on January 3, 2011 at 8:08 am

    What about “battle your tail off?”

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