Tom Kelly Shows Robert Incmikoski The Diamond Cutter

July 8, 2011

CHICAGO — If you’ve been living in a cave lately, you might not have heard that Tom Kelly has been subbing for Bert Blyleven during Twins broadcasts.  Bert is down in Florida preparing for his induction into the MLB HOF.  It’s been a great first couple games with TK in the booth with Dick Bremer.  He constantly calls him Richard which proven to be entertaining.  He’s also done a great job explaining certain aspects of the game from a coaches point of view, making the experiment must-see or hear.  TK has also taught the listeners a couple new terms some may have not been familiar with–The Diamond Cutter and The Ugly Finder.

Sideline FSN guy Robbie Insamawakcowksi was asking TK about what the aforementioned terms meant.  TK decided to show him what the “Diamond Cutter” was and a wrestling match broke out.  TTBB has the exclusive footage right here…..

Self High Five


Actually, the diamond cutter was a term TK was using to describe a ball hit right up the middle.  Ben Revere had a few of them tonight along with a couple other Twins as they pelted Phil Humber.  I’m still waiting for Tom Kelly to have a “oh we’re live” moment on the air but let’s hope not.


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