Thome’s Influence Extends Beyond Clubhouse

April 28, 2010

Baby Ruth?

HOLLYWOOD — Twins slugger Jim Thome is known as a great guy to have in the clubhouse and a valuable asset to have at the plate.  Numerous players suggest Thome is one of the best human beings they have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  Always a class act,  Jimbo also serves as a reservoir of knowledge for young players looking for advice on topics ranging from tator mashing to extending a triple into a double.  However it appears Thome’s influence also extends beyond the clubhouse.

Last season Thome was dealt to the L.A. Dodgers late in the season giving Joe Torre a big bat off the bench.  Dodger fans were elated to have Jimbo on their playoff squad, nothing was going to stop them now.  According to our sources out in sunny California, one fan took it a little too far, that fan is Heidi Montag.

This writer has no idea what she does or what she is famous for but does know newly published pictures reveal a recent plastic surgery to install personal airbags in the frontal region of her body.  She also had one more modification showing how big a fan she is of Jim Thome, she had a Thome Chin implant.  We were unable to reach the part human, part plastic species but did reach her plastic surgeon.  He provided us with the model he used for guidance through the surgery, a Jim Thome bobblehead doll.  Judging by the picture, this surgeon could make Scott Baker look good after blowing a 5 run lead vs the Tigers.

Heidi is a hardcore Jim Thome fan.


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