The Incredible Gardy and the Internet

March 8, 2011

Stick that in your twitter feed and smoke it.

The Incredible Gardy was spotted today in Fort Meyers.  The reason for his transformation… the internet.

Joe Christensen with the Star Tribune unleashed a series of tweets earlier today that were rather entertaining.   Apparently Gardy doesn’t much care for the internet and how fast word travels.  Christensen tweeted parts of Incredible Gardy ranting about it and then later put the quotes in his story here.

The quotes are referring to Gardenhire naming Blackburn a starting pitcher last Saturday…..

“All you guys … tweeted and blogged and all those things,” Gardenhire told reporters Monday. “Before I could get back on the field, it was already back in here that we have a fourth starter. … So [the other pitchers] went right to [pitching coach Rick Anderson]. It’s under control, Andy’s talked to them. We knew going in that they were fighting for a job.”

Gardenhire is starting to sound like your grandpa would when it comes to new technology.  He seems to be frightened and confused by the interweb (and the flying machines), he’s just a manager.  Christensen later added this quote containing couple pretty good lines (discussing Tolbert and Hughes)…

“Yes, equal footing. You can tweet that. Just tweet it. You don’t even have to write it. Just fire it through the Internet.”

As we can see from the second quote, Gardy must think the internet is similar to a cannon.  He also may have a new spoof of Michael Jackson’s “Beat it”.  I have this song playing over and over in my head right now….”Just tweet it, just tweet it”.  The video would be feature a knife fight between Gardy and Ozzie Guillen in a parking ramp along with players dancing around in 80′s apparel.  The knife fight would end in a draw (because they I just remembered it was “Bad” that had the knife fight).  Afterward Gardy would order Domino’s Pizza and Ozzie would say “I F$#%ing Love This ‘a Man”.

Ron Gardenhire Mad

Do the Punto Walk


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