Target Field Installs New Honeycomb Batter’s Eye

March 28, 2011

TARGET FIELD — The tree huggers have lost the battle against the tree killers.  After Target Field’s first season, many players complained about the batter’s eye being too distracting.  Many cited a hard time picking up the ball in the center field pine trees.  While opposing players and Jim Thome mashed home runs with no problem, the Twins gave in and ordered the trees to be removed.  They are replacing  the trees with a new backdrop similar to the one found at the Mariners home, Safeco Field.  This backdrop consists of a honeycomb-like material that is supposedly easier to pick up the ball against.  Judging from the picture, I think it may be more distracting than the pine trees.

new backdrop at Target Field

Watch the home runs fly out now! (original image via @seanAskinner)


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