Span and Revere head to the NL East on horseback

December 6, 2012

UNDISCLOSED LOCATION — Well if you’ve been living in a cave with Rambo lately, you may not have heard that Span was traded recently and today, Ben Revere was traded to the Phillies for two more arms.  Personally I like the moves. You’ve been killed at pitching, the only way the Twins were going to fix that was to trade some talent to get talent in return.  The Twins weren’t going to do it via free agency, prices are too high.

If you think about the 2013 season what were you expecting anyways?  A decent lineup but all along it’s the rotation dummy.  These trades aren’t for 2013 but they make the future of the rotation brighter and get a TTBB seal of approval.

That said, I’m going to miss watching Denard Span and Ben Revere as a fan.  A couple of great players who were fun to watch out in center field.  In the end, The Godfather said it best: “It’s not personal, strictly business.”

Happy Trails, fellas.

Ben riding his horse screaming to the NL EAST “The Twins CFs are coming!” One if by Span, two if by Revere.


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