Snoz From Midland’s 2010 Twins Predictions

April 5, 2010

Throwing these predictions up from a friend of TTB, Snoz From Midland.  Wanted to get them on the record so when Adrian Beltre is A.L. MVP, he can say he predicted it.

Twins mvp: Span on base for the M&M boys

Twins top pitcher: Blackie

Twins best rookie: Danny Valencia

Twins most improved: D Young

Bold prediction: Hardy is on the bench, Punto is starting SS, Danny V is at third by the end of the year

3 keys for Twins: Liranos health, Starters getting into 7th inning more often to save UCLs, Fans making noise and not starring at the stars

AL Central: Twins, Sox -4, Indians -9, Tigers -11, Royals -22

AL MVP- Adrian Beltre

NL MVP- Ryan Howard

AL CY- John Lester

NL CY- Roy Halladay

AL Breakout- Neftali Feliz

NL Breakout- Buster Posey

AL ROY- Justin Smoak

NL ROY- Jason Heyward

AL East- Pink hat sox
Central- Twins
West- Rangers
Wild Card- Yanks

NL East- Phillies
Central- Brewers (Puljios misses a month with TB from hgh needle)
West- Giants
Wild Card- Braves

World Series- Phillies over Twins…Twins have a let down after finally beating the Yanks and Taco Mijares can’t get Howard or Utley out.
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