Ramos vs. Butera = Time Wasted

April 1, 2010

I know right?

There was some twitter debate on who the Twins backup catcher should be while Morales is on the DL.  After tweeting some comments, the 140 character limit wouldn’t allow me to fully get my point across so I decided to write it out here.

Ramos vs. Butera, my opinon:

It’s a total waste of tweet space arguing between Ramos vs Butera.  Butera is just gonna sit on the bench most of his time up, waiting for a Mauer injury (knock on wood).  I wouldn’t put it past Gardy to PH with him, but there’s no reason to when he’s not going to improve your offensive chances, even for Punto.  I hardly think Mauer will do much if any DH duty while Morales is hurt since 1, you take a bat out of the lineup in Thome or Kubel and 2, we don’t want to lose our DH spot if Mauer would move from DH to C.  So basically Butera is going to be an insurance policy which fits him well at this point in his career.  While he’s up here filling a temporary need of riding the pine or giving Mauer a day off, Ramos is down in AAA getting AB’s versus live pitching and getting better with every AB.  Why bring Ramos up here to sit behind Joe Mauer?  So he can learn from watching?  This isn’t Sage Rosenfells sitting behind the HOF Brett Favre and picking up ass slapping techniques, this is baseball where improvement is made by “doing”.  Ramos ain’t going to be “doing” anything sitting on the bench behind Mauer and would be better off refining his swing and gaining experience.  When you think about baseball, the swing is all about being in one perfect rhythm at the plate, something that riding the bench isn’t helpful for.  Oh, and as for the learning argument behind Joe, I think you’ll learn more while in the game.  Remember in college math courses you couldn’t just look at equations on the chalkboard to learn, you had to actually put the pen to paper and work on the “doing” part?

I’ve wasted too much time on this.


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