Plouffe Unanimously Added to TTBB’s Scorpion Jacket Hall of Excellence

June 13, 2012

MY MOM’S BASEMENT — That’s Twins Baseball’s Scorpion Jacket Hall of Excellence has a new member and it was a unanimous decision by the committee…a first in it’s brief history.

While normally jackets are handed out for single game accomplishments, this jacket was given based upon a player’s continued ability to pretty much kill it over a period of time.  Trevor Plouffe has been on fire over the past month of the season hitting 9 home runs and 17 RBI since May 16th.  When he’s not at the plate hitting unanimous mammoth shots out of the park, he’s also shown solid defense at third base where he appears to have finally found a home in the field. It’s interesting to note Plouffe’s walk-up music is Zeppelin’s “When the Levee Breaks” which is kind of symbolic of his season.  He had a slow start to the season but you could see him putting good swings on the ball and when he missed, he was fouling pitches straight back. Pretty soon those pitches started getting squared up and the levee broke.

While Plouffe’s success may come as a surprise to some, it was no surprise to committee member NostraCollinous (@bennyc50) who saw this coming…as shown in this tweet.  It shouldn’t have taken this long for Plouffe to be inducted but without further ado…

Everyone please welcome the newest member to the SJHOE, Trevor Plouffe.

America and the Scorpion Jacket. #pmki


To view all of the members of the prestigious Hall of Excellence, click here.


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