Pavano Banned From Bieber Concert

June 30, 2010

The Pavieber, sure to blend right in.

MINNEAPOLIS — What started out as a beautiful day in the Twin Cities quickly turned ugly after manager Ron Gardenhire informed Carl Pavano that he couldn’t attend tonight’s Justin Bieber concert.  It all started when Pavano tried calling in “sick” this morning after being told earlier in the week that even though it wasn’t his turn to pitch in the rotation, that he was still expected to be at the game against the Detroit Tigers.  Gardy was heard yelling in the clubhouse hallway “I don’t care if you’re not pitching, it’s just better for everyone if you don’t go!” Pavano then reportedly fired back “Fine…maybe I’ll just show up to the wrong Target Stadium tonight on accident!” at which point Gardy picked up the bullpen phone and dialed the police to warn them.  To make matters worse, Justin Bieber “tweeted” that Justin Morneau was part of his “Wolfpack”.  Morneau claims that he’s never been to McDonalds for a Happy Meal with Bieber, but that Carl has called him over 20 times since the tweet, each time leaving a message if he can be part of the “Pack”. “It’s pretty annoying, and a little creepy.” said Morneau.  “I’m not a huge fan, but I will be walking out to Eenie Meenie tonight, because I love that song!”  This reporter just hopes that the Twin’s can get a win tonight and that not too many of the Twins miss the game to go to the concert.  Gardy did say however that it was ok for Casilla, Hardy, and Tolbert to attend, so if you’re at the concert be sure to keep an eye out for them and possibly Pavano…..and of course Chris Hanson.

TTBB obtained a photo of the altercation between Bieberstache and Gardy….

Like Peace Out Gardydog, I'm totally gone.


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One Response to Pavano Banned From Bieber Concert

  1. Trav on July 22, 2010 at 11:54 pm

    I could just imagine the looks that Carl would of gotten at Target Center that night even if Gardy had let him go. Pavano doesn’t exactly look like Mr. Rogers with that mustache he is sporting now. If he wasn’t throwing great with the stache I would be the first to admit he needs to shave that or turn it to a goatee.

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