Nathan Hoping Elbow Surgery Pays Off

April 25, 2010

Minnesota Twin’s fans everywhere were saddened by the news that their star closer, Joe Nathan, was going to have to miss the rest of the season after undergoing Tommy John Surgery.  It may come to a surprise then to hear that Joe is already pitching again and is even happy about having the surgery. How is this possible you ask?  We caught up with Nathan in Joe Mauer’s basement where he’s been practicing. “It’s so frustrating…I’m so close to being the first one to pitch a perfect game and win the million dollars from MLB 2K10…gotcha with the slider.” Nathan said while glued in front of the Mauer’s family television set.  “The surgery’s been fantastic, I’ve had plenty of time to try and win this thing…gotcha with the slider.” Pitching a perfect game on MLB 2k10 isn’t an easy task and nobody has claimed the prize yet.  There is a set of rules that one must follow and Nathan said this posed a bit of problem about a week ago.  “Yeah I was feeling pretty good last week and actually pitched a perfect game, but I forgot to video tape it and 2K Sports said it didn’t count even though Joe’s (Mauer) mom watched me play the whole thing…gotcha with the slider.”  When asked if this was true Mauer’s mother replied “I’m just glad those boys aren’t breaking all my stuff anymore.  I don’t even mind taping all of Joe’s (Nathan) games as long as my son’s “real” game isn’t on.”  It looks like Nathan’s Surgery is going to be a successful one and Minnesota Twin’s fans will have something to cheer about again real soon.  When asked if there was anything Nathan would like to say to the Twin’s faithful he replied “Thank you everyone for your support and I know I can do this…gotcha with the slider.”


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