July 1st Target Field Weather

July 1, 2011

******This was a test run for me doing live weather updates prior to the game.  If you like it leave a comment and let me know, if you hated it, leave a comment and let me know****


I'm comin for you, Al Roker!



Right now the rain that is holding the game in delay is just west of  Waconia and after that moves through, game on.  Some strong winds embedded in these storms as they move to the east northeast.  It appears Legolas is getting his bow ready for an echo.

Watch out for Legolos and his bow



Some are wondering why the delay since there’s no rain falling.  Well, have no fear, it’s coming.  Just ask our intern meteorologist Clubber Lang what his prediction for the weather is….


I pity the fool who goes through Weather School

Thanks intern meteorologist Clubber Lang.  In all seriousness though, once this last line over central Minnesota moves through there shouldn’t be anymore severe threats.  Delayed first pitch at 9pm?

7:00pm Update

GAME IS DELAYED via @PMac21 and countless other tweets

Tweets were coming in fast and furious earlier showing pictures from hell.  Those were just the bases of “Punto-like” scrappy little storms.  The main line is forthcoming. 

There is a bit of a difference, except one drops scrap instead of hail


6:37 update

From the looks of some tweets the gust front has indeed pushed through.  Here’s an updated radar image.  Some storms trying to from behind that gust front that could impact Target Field.  The main concern will be the storms developing to the southwest.  Given these still have to move through, and potential storms forming behind the gust front impacting Target Field now, I’d say a DELAY is a pretty good guess.


You can blame Kim Kardashian for all of this. Thanks.


Lets try something new, like making a post about the current weather.  I’ve been watching the main storm since it was near Sioux Falls and it has been consistently been riding along a boundary as it crosses the state.  That is why I was tweeting earlier that it would clip the NW metro if anything.  Here is a recent radar image…


White indicates circulation of storm with bookend hook

These storms should miss Target Field as they race off to the northeast.  Notice the circulation outlined by the white.  This is a bookend vortice and is indicative of the storm bowing out in the midde (notice lack of heavy radar returns indicating an inflow notch).  The dashed line is the outflow or gustfront extending out from the storm.   The main impact if any on Target Field may be some gusty winds behind this gustfront and potential thunderstorm initiation along it.

Looking ahead for tonight and what we can expect for the Twins game…


What to watch for is in SW MN

The main threat (other than the aforementioned gust front initiating more storms) will be the storms redeveloping in the southwest corner of the state.  Will have to keep an eye on them as they will be propagating further east than the first line as the weather system shifts off to the northeast.

Remember I have a page dedicated to Target Field already under “Bleacher Weather” menu and found at http://www.thatstwinsbaseball.com/target-field-weather/






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  1. Maija on July 1, 2011 at 7:39 pm

    Punto Storms… Pujols Storms… Beyond brilliant.

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