JJ Hardy Will Haunt

August 25, 2011

TARGET FIELD — The Twins 2011 season has gone from bad to horse poop.  In the month of August, they’ve scored one run or fewer in 11 games.  That’s pathetic, especially when you consider they have their lineup nearly at ‘full strength’ for the first time since April.   Then again it could just be bad luck that they have faced Justin Verlander every 2 games this month.  Yeah, that must be it…

To add insult to injury, horrible (had to be why would you trade him)  former Twins shortstop J.J. Hardy is having an incredible year for Baltimore.  He’s also been a pain in the ass the first 3 games of the Twins series seemingly crushing every ball he’s seen.  The Twins are well aware that “Walks Will Haunt” but now there’s a new image up on the Target Field big screen…..

Walks will haunt, errors will snowball, and JJ Hardy will haunt.


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