Jamey Carroll receives Scorpion Jacket for majestic blast

September 4, 2012

CHICAGO — Jamey Carroll finally hit his first home run in 1384 at-bats.  After a three year absence from the “touch’em all” category, Carroll blasted a moon shot down the left field line at US Cellular Field.  A shot so majestic that Carroll may be invited back to Target Field for the 2014 Home Run Derby.


Jamey "A Christmas" Carroll visited the Ghost of Homers Past


Ben Revere remains the only player without a home run on the Twins team.  Clubhouse sources say a distraught Revere was cursing and breaking things in the clubhouse after the game last night while repeatedly saying “I’m gonna get mine, I’m gonna get mine!”  Look for Revere to swing for the fences every at-bat for the remainder of the season.


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