How I turned into the Pete Rose of Bert Blyleven’s twitter account

August 13, 2013

The following is the story of how I got blocked by Bert Blyleven on Twitter.  While I don’t know the reason or if he even meant to, I thought it was an interesting story to share.


MOM’S BASEMENT — Last night Andrew Albers threw a complete game shutout for the Twins in his second start all while not hitting 90 mph.  It was fun to watch and a great story for him and a team having a bad year.  After the game, Albers was out on the field talking to family and friends while signing autographs for fans as well.

Later that night, Bert Blyleven tweeted something congratulating Albers and I (as I always do) replied jokingly that he was probably still out there signing autographs (twitpics well after the game showed fans, friends, and family surrounding Albers down the first base line).  The next thing I know, I was notified that I was being followed by @BertBlyleven28 on twitter.  I thought well that’s cool.  About ten minutes later, I noticed that my follow and followers count had dropped by one. I clicked on followers and noticed he was no longer following me (which I expected considering I don’t know why he would follow in the first place).  Then I put the two together about both counts of followers and follow dropping by 1 and went and found that he had blocked me.  I also grabbed some screen shots to make sure I wasn’t going insane.



And then

I shouldn't have taken tweet enhancing drugs. Blocked.

I shouldn’t have taken tweet enhancing drugs. Blocked.


It was kind of odd that a person would follow you and then block you.  A few scenarios could have played out like human error, clicking block instead of unfollow (which is still hard to do ).  Another possibility is he followed and read my bio and or went to thatstwinsbaseball and didn’t like what he saw. He also could have clicked follow, then he remembers seeing some of my snarky Twins tweets from other people retweeting them…because that’s what I do.  I could see him say “Oh, that’s the snarky bastard who makes jokes about the Twins on twitter and his website.  Blocked.”  I’m leaning towards the latter in this case, mostly for entertainment purposes and why I’m wasting my time writing this.

Those who follow me on twitter or visit the site know I don’t make personal attacks on players or make any malicious rips. I like to poke jabs with tweets or posts in a satirical nature for a laugh.  However I can see how people who don’t follow me see some of my tweets retweeted without knowing me and think differently.

In the end who cares.  I just thought it was an odd sequence of events to go from following to followed, to blocked within ten minutes.  I got Pete Rose’d by a hall of fame pitcher’s Twitter account, banned.  My opinion of Bert hasn’t changed a bit and I’ll still enjoy listening along during Twins games when he’s not golfing in Florida.  We’re talking Twitter here and it may have all been human error but let’s just go with the other, funnier scenario.  Just the odd sequence and possibility of why that made me write this. I laughed thinking about it.

In good fun, I hope to some day see if I could get a special autographed baseball from Bert.  Since his induction he now adds “HOF” to the ball but I it would be hilariously awesome to have him add “BLOCKED” to it as well.

It’s all in good fun.  Just like my tweets and this website.



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