Great Moves in Recent Twins History

February 26, 2010

The Twins offseason leading up to the 2010 season wasn’t very Twins-like.  The payroll is up in the 90-100 million range and they are signing competent free agents for a change.  This got me thinking about all the great moves the Twins made in the  previous 10 years, which made me want to drink a double Everclear on ice.

Here are some of my favorite transactions in recent memory.  You may not agree with all of them (and can’t say 100% accurate) but you can’t deny ‘Thats Twins Baseball’ is written all over most of them.

2003 Season

  • David Ortiz (Not resigned after a 20 HR and 75 RBI season)

2004 Season

  • Jose Offerman (FA)
  • Henry Blanco (FA)

2005 Season

  • Brett Boone (Traded for and released in same month)
  • Juan Castro (FA)
  • Jason Tyner (FA)

2006 Season

  • Tony Batista (FA) (Released in June)
  • Rondell White (FA)
  • Ruben Sierra (FA) (Released in July)
  • Phil Nevin (Aquired in August)

2007 Season

  • Sidney Ponson (FA) (Released in May)
  • Matt Lecroy (FA) ( Season after he made Frank Robinson cry)
  • Ramon Ortiz (FA) (Traded in August)
  • Jeff Cirrilo (FA) (Waivers August)

2008 Season (AllStar Offseason)

  • Craig Monroe (FA) (Released in August)
  • Adam Everett (FA)
  • Mike Lamb (FA) (Released in August)
  • Garza Trade (? TBD see Delmon)
  • Santana Giveaway
  • Livan Hernandez (FA) (Released in June)
  • Eddie G (Aquired in August released after season)

2009 Season

  • Joe Crede (Decent gamble)
  • Mark Grudzielanik (Didn’t make it out of the minors and released)

I laughed at quite a bit while looking these up.  I realize the Twins do deserve credit for the good moves they made, but that’s not as fun.

Random Picture of All Time Twins Great Denny Hockingsy. Lets do this #DennyHockingDay


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  1. Snoz22 on February 26, 2010 at 10:13 am

    Livan and Sydney are going to be on the upcoming season of Big losers

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