Google Search of Twins Caravan Leads to Confusion

January 19, 2011

Sometimes when you click on a link you feel like an “Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer”,  the results frighten and confuse you.  I had it happen today.  I was searching for when the Twin Winter Caravan would be in Grand Forks in hopes that I may get to see them.  I typed “Twins Caravan Grand Forks” into Google which yielded this perfectly acceptable result…

google ad.

Clickety Clack

I thought I’d check out the video from last night when they were in Fargo, which then lead me to the part that frightened and confused me (here is the actual link)….

Wrong Van

Twins Winter Killervan

I had a brief moment where I wondered if the caravan had stopped at Hunter Wendelstedt’s house and Gardy went insane.   Then I realized all I had to do is scroll down to find my video and there was no such thing as the Twins Winter Killervan.


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