Butera Inducted Into TTBB’s Scorpion Jacket Hall of Excellence…Immediately Attracts Hollywood Girl Who Dates Athletes.

May 21, 2012

UNDISCLOSED LOCATION — There’s an old phrase out there that “you can’t win them all” and this applies to every sport (except next years Timberwolves).  Sometimes when you lose it’s a close game, sometimes when you lose, you find out what it feels like to wake up in a roadside ditch.  The Twins found themselves in a roadside ditch yesterday afternoon in Milwaukee where they were shellacked to the score of 164 to -3.  While it was a disappointing and somewhat embarrassing loss, it’s only one game.  You just have to learn to laugh sometimes when things get that bad and move on to the next game.

There was one bright moment in the game yesterday for the Twins—they found their emergency, emergency, double secret probation relief pitcher in Drew Butera.  Butera pitched a no-hitter in the 8th inning while walking one and striking out former Twins great, Carlos Gomez.  I checked some pitchf/x data and it showed Butera’s fastball topped out at 94mph.  My secret sloth in the clubhouse tells me the Twins are thinking of “stretching him out” and plugging him into the rotation.

We presented Butera with his Scorpion Jacket last night.  This morning when the team was leaving the hotel, he was photographed with someone who is used to performing in front of a camera in a crouched position.  Who knows how long this relationship will last but the committee here at TTBB would like to congratulate Drew on going above and beyond and pitching for the Twins when they needed it, all while pretty much killing it on the mound.

What a great....jacket. With it, anything or anyone is possible.


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