Blackburn’s Complete Game Alters History, Berts Shirt

May 25, 2011

Something happened at Target Field today that was so rare, so inconceivable, that it has altered history as we know it.

We’ve all seen the picture with Bert Blyleven wearing a shirt that says “I love to fart”, right?  Well my picture of the shirt has suddenly been altered.  It’s almost like a Back to the Future moment where Marty is on stage playing guitar at the Enchantment Under The Sea dance and he looks at a fading picture of him in the future.  Here is what the shirt says today after Nick Blackburn threw a complete game (not a complete game shutout, a complete game)……



In all honesty, I’m proud (?) or glad Blackburn stayed in and finished it off.  He was around 108 pitches going into the 9th and I think that was close to his career high.  It showed a bit of leadership (or willingness to accept he won’t explode) for him to go out of his comfort zone and finish off the Mariners.  He ended up around 130 pitches, which means his arm might be tired for his next start.  Considering we always hear how a sinker works better when his arm is tired (compared to early innings), maybe this will be good for him.  Then again, he might have to miss a month and go down to rehab in Del Boca Vista with his stunt double, Joe Mauer.  Hopefully the other Twins pitchers see that he didn’t start on fire and you can pitch a little more than 100 pitches in a game.


UPDATE….A friend of That’s Twins Baseball sent me this photo of the shirt photo after the game Slowey was caught yawning….thanks friend of TTBB


Not so Great Scott.


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