Berts Birthday Drinking Game Live Scoring

April 6, 2010

Top of 1st

-Mentions it’s his Birthday–>Shotgun a beer = 3

Bottom of 1st

-No mention == 0

Top of 2nd

-Was wished happy bday but thankfully I didn’t include that other than signs == 0

Bottom of 2nd

-No mention ==0

Top of 3rd

-Upper Cut Swing (Morneau homer)==1

Bottom of 3rd

- You are here by circled ==drink in circle==1

- Fan holding up a Happy Bday Sign==2drinks ==1

Top of 4th


Bottom of 4th

-fan holding up Bday Sign==drink 2==1

Top of 5th


Bottom of 5th

-Nothing ==0

Top of 6th

-Nothing==0 (Starting to think I should have said whenever Bert talks, drink)

Bottom of 6th

-Nothing==0 (WTF BERT)

Top of 7th

-Nothing ==0

Bottom of 7th

-You are here by circled==drink 1

-Bert says it’s his 59th==Shotgun 1

Top of 8th

-Kubels Avereage==0

Bottom of 8th


Top 9th


Bottom of 9th


Well it was a shocking revelation that the Bert Birthday Drinking Game would only make you drink enough to get a slight buzz…if you were 100 lbs.  I thought for sure Bert would pimp his birthday so much that liver failure was a possibility.


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