Anderson Bans Shaving Cream From Clubhouse

September 14, 2010

I make staches look good.

DEEP INSIDE TARGET FIELD — The other night when Danny Valencia ended the game with a walk-off hit, many fans wondered why the team used whipped cream to smear in Danny’s face instead of shaving cream.  The answer is simple.  Pitching coach Rick Anderson has banned all shaving cream from the clubhouse.  “It was a pretty easy decision to make” said Anderson. “There’s just no way we’re going to risk something happening to Carl’s Pavstache.”  Lately Rick’s been as much of a barber as a pitching coach, and a very fine one at that.  After many discussions with Carl at the beginning of the season, he finally agreed to “rock it” Anderson style.  “It’s one of the first things I talk about with my pitchers at the beginning of the season, what type of facial hair they should sport on the mound.  Most of my pitchers want to go with the goatee to look like Gardy, but Carl finally agreed on the mustache and the rest is history.”  The decision to ban all shaving cream from Target Field has added some extra “coaching” time to Anderson’s duties since he now has to personally shave all of his pitchers.  He doesn’t seem to mind however as he says the tips are pretty good.  “They all tip me pretty well, and just like all barber shops we discuss the day’s game and talk about ‘guy’ stuff, it’s a good time.”  So Twin’s fans everywhere keep your eye on the mound as Rick Anderson’s ingenious plan to ban all shaving cream and pickup a blade may just lead to some accidental missed upper lips and some chin shaving slips.  Now go buy your VIVA LA STACHE shirts!!!


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