A Pat Neshek Update via Twitter

August 8, 2010

MY RECLINER — Minnesota Twins relief pitcher Pat Neshek came into the 2010 season with a surgically repaired throwing elbow.  He began the season up with the major league squad but was optioned to triple-A Rochester in June and has remained there since.  With the recent trade for closer Matt Capps and the long awaited call up of Anthony Slama, it feels as if Neshek has been the forgotten man down in Rochester.

Neshek has the reputation of a great guy and one of the more fan friendly baseball players around.  I follow @PatNeshek on twitter like many Twins fans do and last night I saw he had a couple of recent tweets.  As a fan, and a curious fan at that, I threw a hail mary tweet to him asking how the arm was doing.  I wasn’t expecting a response from him but not only did he respond, he went above and beyond in his explanation of how the arm was feeling.  I took a screen shot of the twitversation to me @bennyc50.  (Click on the image to enlarge)

Thanks Pat.

Talking to professional athletes on Twitter, this generations equivalent to an autograph?  Either way it was fun and thanks to Pat Neshek, we hope to see him back in the Twins bullpen soon.


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