A New ‘Twin Terrors’ in Twins Territory

July 4, 2012

It’s been an entertaining first half for two Minnesota Twins sluggers.  Trevor Plouffe (AMERICA) and Josh Willingham have been hitting home runs on a pace that would put them at nearly 40 homers each by the end of the year.  This brought a certain baseball card to Twins announcer Dick Bremer’s head after the game.  The baseball card he was thinking about was the 1967 Topps Allison/Killebrew card that was labeled “Twin Terrors”.  I’ve reproduced it to represent today’s “Twin Terrors”……


Twin Terrors...2012


And since I’m a card collector myself, here’s a reference for anyone else wondering about the original.  Allison finished with 24 and Killebrew with 44 in ’67 for what it’s worth.


The Original Twin Terrors from 1967 Topps.


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